Siksika Arbour

Siksika Nation Fair 2006
The 2006 Siksika Nation Fair will be held on August 9-13, 2006.

Powwow Contest

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About the Siksika Arbour


"Building dedicated to Gordon Yellow Fly, WWII Veteran" The people of Siksika was given the opportunity to name this Arbour. After all entries were accepted, the Siksika Arbour Committee chose this name. Here is the story.....

My father, Gordon Yellowfly was killed in action in Ortona, Italy during the Second World War, December 27, 1943. We submit that my father gave the ultimate sacrifice not only for his king and country of his time, but more importantly for his people of Siksika, and since the time of his death this Nation has never given him the proper acknowledgement. We submit the naming of our new arbor in his honor would begin to serve as an appropriate acknowledgement to the man and his sacrifice for our people.

My father's Blackfoot name was PIIKSA-PI; and using original Blackfoot translation his name was "Sacred Visionary". With this in mind, and proper care and control is given to the building, we can envision a sort of hidden sacracy to all events and activities held there. A place where people participate, visit and socialize with respect and care and where we depart we carry this hidden message home.

Donald and Alphina Yellowfly.